segunda-feira, julho 19, 2004

Casa do Benfica
This website is for sale
Casa do Benfica means the same as Benfica Supporters' Club.
Benfica is one of the top football teams in Europe,
they are based in Lisbon at the brand new Estadio da Luz
which will host the final of the UEFA Euro 2004 championhips.
Every town and village in Portugal has a Casa do Benfica,
and there are many more round the world.
They are a place for fans to meet, drink and buy merchandise.
This is the one and only www.casadobenfica.com and it's for sale!
You can make it into a unique virtual Casa do Benfica.
(Guide Price EUR 5,000)
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N.B.: Eu já sabia que ser benfiquista é ser bom chefe de família, mas confesso que não era do meu conhecimento a existência em todas as localidades portuguesa de uma casa benfiquista. 

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